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About Us


Your partners for business growth.

KC Marketing is an integrated marketing, print media and software development company based in Johannesburg,South Africa.Our team is made up of talented individuals with a marketing and technology background which works for us achieve our goal to help businesses grow through effective use of marketing and technology.

Our capabilities help our clients to better understand their markets and effect strategies that can scale and grow their businesses.We provide our clients with a solid roadmap for how they can connect with their customers now and in the future ,building long lasting relationships.

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Our Story

Started in a University dorm room in 2014 as a tech startup, we focused on development of mobile apps,websites and hosting servers. The business evolved over the years to realise the symbiotic relationship between marketing and technology as a necessity for business growth.

The idea was we could not create technology in a vacuum, there had to be market research or decisions to lead in the development.Having technology in itself was not going to grow the business, marketing the business using the technology was going to effect the needed change. We thus formed KC Marketing to redefine customer outreach using our marketing and technology prowess.

  • We build,print and design tech products.
  • Our team will help you reach out to your target markets.
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We are a team of experienced professionals, that excel in creativity and our goal is to ensure the success of your business.

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